Intelligent Sustainable Solutions

ISS is a Sustainable Intelligence Brokerage Consultancy that provides a quality control role by evaluating the environmental/sustainable technology market in order to establish best practice and best-fit sustainable solutions to clients.

This role includes such areas as sustainable construction, renewable energy, waste management, recycling, carbon sequestration, pollution control, community development, sustainable transport, food production and funding advice

    ISS is currently involved in a number of key projects including:

  • Sustainable Community Development / Organic Farming
    Project management of a sustainable community / organic farm based in Romany Marsh, Kent, as well as a similar project based in Italy.
  • Sustainable Events
    Organising, co-ordinating and managing a range of sustainable and environmental events at UK’s greenest conference centre, the Pines Calyx in St Margaret’s Bay, Kent.
  • Sustainable Construction
    Consulting with architects and builders on a range of projects which incorporate sustainability and environmental technologies, evaluating plans and offering solutions to any problems or issues raised.
  • Eco-Enterprise
    Representing 4 cutting edge environmental technology companies, providing comprehensive advise and guidance for financial investment and sale of products and services on a global scale. These companies represent Carbon Sequestration and Carbon application, Voltage Optimisation, Renewable Energy and Water Treatment.



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